Hummus Empire Sabra Is Trying To Infiltrate Man Caves Across America (Business Insider)

Sabra Hummus
Sabra Hummus

Hummus’ Wingman

Hummus, a wonderfully healthy garbanzo bean dip popular in Israel, has made serious inroads into the American public’s consciousness. It’s even starting to become mentioned in healthy circles as often as salsa and guacamole. Now, according the Bloomberg News article and Business Insider, Sabra, a leading Hummus purveyor, is trying to branch out and become less of a unique “Middle Eastern dip” and more of an American household staple.

Will it happen? Well, hummus could be more expensive than salsa and less versatile than guacamole, but there’s a cure for that: cookbooks & recipes. If Sabra Dipping Company designs a recipe blog for hummus, households will see hummus as more than just for dipping; thus, hummus would become more of a household staple. Also, getting men to switch to hummus means getting them to think healthier so focus a campaign on healthy men to start. Forget ketchup – pass the hummus anyone?

See their commercial here and read the article below:

Business Insider

Hummus Empire Sabra Is Trying To Infiltrate Man Caves Across America

MICHAEL THRASHER JUL. 2, 2013, 12:58 PM 1,644 7
sabra hummus chicken wing

The CEO of Sabra Dipping Company wants hummus to be the new salsa for male sports fans.Bloomberg News reported that Sabra CEO Ronen Zohar recently approved the company’s first nationally televised commercials in the U.S.

That commercial features a chicken wing being dipped into hummus.

In further evidence that Sabra is trying to break into man caves, it will also be the National Football League’s official dip sponsor this coming season.

Sabra’s greatest challenge is overcoming its image as a niche health food.

But Zohar is confident people just need to try his product. “Most of the people in the U.S. never tasted hummus,” Zohar told Bloomberg. “You have to change their mindset that even if the name is strange and the brown color of the hummus is not as appetizing, it tastes wonderful.”

According to Nielsen, 18% of U.S. households have tried hummus.

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