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Jewish Marketing 101 – Benefit from Yeshiva Week

Yeshiva Week Break & Jewish Vacations

Yeshiva Week Break & Jewish Vacations

You’ve heard of New Year’s break, mid-winter break, and even Spring Break… but what about Yeshiva Week? This is the week when Jewish schools have off and it usually falls around mid-January – this year, it falls around the week of January 19th – January 29th. For Jewish parents who usually have a lax work schedule during the weeks of Christmas and New Years, this Yeshiva Week is finally a chance to take a vacation since their children are off from school. To have an opportunity to increase sales from any market at the start of the new year AND right after the (hopefully successful) shopping month of December, should be a welcome opportunity!

So how can you benefit from Yeshiva Week? Let’s explore:

Vacations in the Sun (and Snow)

This week is the ONE week where Jewish families can go on a FULL vacation without a holiday. On most week long breaks for Passover and Sukkot, families are tied down by certain holiday times that prevent traveling and entertainment. But for Yeshiva Week, with no holiday, each day can be used however they want! Some of the preferred destinations are Florida, Israel, Cancun, Bahamas, and Puerto Rico. Some prefer more local vacations to destinations such as Great Wolf Lodge, Mountain Creek, and the Poconos. Utah and Denver resorts have promoted their ski destinations as well to the Jewish market.

If you’re a vacation or destination spot looking for a bump in after-Christmas/New Year vacationers, Yeshiva Week is for you. Team up with your local Kosher restaurant or caterer to offer special package deals for a stay and food. The Jewish market loves to travel in groups, so a group rate will get the Jewish vacationer to build a group for traveling.

Day Trips

For those not vacationing, having the kids around the house for an entire week is definitely not what parents want! Museums, entertainment centers, bowling, arcades, aquariums, and other locations are great spots for day trips. Promote a “Yeshiva Week” deal in local Jewish media. Remember, if they come and visit your place, parents will be more likely to return for Passover break as well!

Yeshiva Week can help you start the New Year off in a uniquely beneficial way.

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