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Jewish Events Tip – 7 Days of Celebrations After A Wedding

Sheva Bracha

Sheva Bracha7 Days of Celebrations after a Wedding

Think the Jewish bride and groom zoom off into the sunset right after their chuppah? Guess again. All Jewish weddings are followed by Sheva Brochot, the SEVEN days of celebrations after a Jewish wedding.

Yes, there are seven more parties after the big wedding day. These seven days of celebration (literally, Sheva Brachot mean Seven Blessings) may not be as huge as the wedding day but they’re usually intimate small-scale celebrations of roughly 25-50 people.

How does this benefit your venue or event service? If your venue has smaller event space available in the days following the wedding, be sure to mention your smaller “Sheva Brochat rooms” to your bride and groom and you may get some more post-wedding business.

We all know that brides and grooms have little recollection of their big day, it goes so fast, so suggesting a Sheva Bracha at the same venue they got married in can help them relive their day.

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