Jewish Event Planning 101

Jewish Event Planning 101 – Tips for Destination Weddings and Events In Israel

Destionation Weddings and Events in Israel

Destionation Weddings and Events in IsraelPlanning a destination wedding in Israel when you live elsewhere is beyond stressful; it could be downright disastrous without oversight of the event services and venue. What would you do if the orchestra fails to show up on time? Or the venue is doubly booked? As an American in Israel, you may be limited in your options at that point.

Not to worry – as Jewish event planners, we have tips for making sure your destination wedding and destination Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah meets your best expectations.

1) Establish an event planning team abroad and at home

Connecting with an Israeli event planner in Israel is a no brainer since you’ll have to coordinate the entire event from your U.S. phone and laptop! But the best way to gain oversight over an event planner in Israel is to have an event planner at home as well. You’ll have to coordinate flight, travel, invitations, hotel arrangements, and formalwear in the U.S. as well, so choose a team of event planners that work well together. There are a few event planners in Israel that work with American Jewish event planners so you’ll save money on utilizing both their services as well as reducing stress for a truly multi-national event!

2) Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate

That’s the way Israeli businessman and businesswomen operate. Unlike American pricing for event services, Israeli event services expect you to haggle. Don’t be afraid to tell them they are too high or you found a better price somewhere else. At the end of the day, they love to be part of a simcha in Israel; Sabra’s love Americans willing to support them and the Israeli economy.

3) Invitations come first.

in order to lock in the best rates on airfare and ensure your favorite spot is prepped and ready for you, invites should be sent first. Your guests aren’t exactly driving an hour away to a venue; they’re flying for 10 hours to a different country. Your guests need prep time to arrange their schedules and flights and you need to know who’s coming to your destination Israel event. Get the invites out of the way first and everything will be smoother after you have your guest list set.

4) Go ancient.

The best feature of Israel is it’s blend of modernity and ancient – who wouldn’t want a wedding on a Herzliya beach with a full feast at a local three star hotel! But we love going ancient. We were at a magnificent wedding that took place in a leafy garden amidst an ancient trail and nature reserve in the heart of Israel and the lighting, natural décor, and weather made for a beautiful destination wedding. After all, the essence of Israel and it’s history is why you’re having a destination event after all, isn’t it? Israeli event services are well-prepared to handle any off-site details so don’t worry about how your DJ or chuppah will be set up amidst the Caesarean ruins or on the Herzliya beach.

Keep visiting our blog for more tips on planning your event details in the least stressful way for your destination event in Israel!

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