About Henry Isaacs

Henry Isaacs Marketing is a New York digital marketing, social media strategy and advertising agency, with a specialty in Jewish marketing consulting and strategy. We create complete digital, social & traditional marketing strategies for our clients. With expert insight, beautiful design & strategic gameplans, we create positive, effective & successful marketing for your brand. We love it when a plan comes together. Read a case study…

Marketing / Digital / Social Media / Advertising / Branding / Design

We’re your Jewish advertising agency, marketing strategist, publicist, social media expert, content creator, designer, digital marketer, researcher, event planner & brand ambassador all rolled into one. Good to meet you.

Our goal is to increase the preference & visibility of your brand in the marketplace through a unified & creative marketing strategy across all media. Here’s how…

We specialize in Jewish marketing & communications. 

From startups to established companies, local businesses to international brands, we’re passionate about building out Jewish companies through creative Jewish advertising, marketing & communications. Emphasis on passionate.

For brands looking to target the Jewish market, we help you understand, identify & target the best Jewish audience in the most effective & creative way. We’re like your brand’s Jewish matchmaker.

Let’s Get Started. 

Henry Isaacs Marketing | Isaac Hyman, Founder

 www.henryisaacs.net | info@henryisaacs.net | 646.833.8604

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